How We Operate

Welcome to Latour Hair Beauty Plus! We’re delighted to share that our boutique operates on a pre-order method. In most cases, we will have some items in stock and ready to ship out the same day or the next business day. This approach ensures that we provide you with the Wigs, Hair, Tools, and Fashion you need to complete your beauty needs. This also allows us to work closer with our vendors/suppliers and build stronger relationships with our customers. At this time we do not offer an in-person shopping experience but we do offer local pick-up in Bowling Green Ky. Here’s how it works:

Browse Our Selection

Customers explore our exclusive range of hair and beauty products. Each item is carefully described to help you choose the best options for your unique preferences.

Place Your Pre-Order

Let's just be honest anytime you place an order online it’s a pre-order. Once you have made your selection, place your order through our website or over the phone. You’ll receive a segment of confirmation emails/texts detailing your purchase the status of your order and the expected delivery timeline. This ensures that all details of your order or shared with you. Since our products are sourced directly from the vendor/supplier in response to your order, pre-ordering is a crucial step that guarantees product availability. If and when your order is placed if we can not get your requested items we will issue a full refund unless you request a different item. 

Delivery Preparation

After your order has been placed with our vendors/supplier and they update us with the available inventory you will receive an email confirmation stating the status of your order. Once we receive your items we then prep your order for shipping. This may also involve rebox/repacking your order so we can still provide you with affordable shipping. and provide you with your tracking details. 

Receive Your Products

Your order will be delivered to your specified address.